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Food safety originates from agricultural goods, and our agriculture and crop testing on a large scale enable us to detect any potential risks at an early stage. Our agriculture and crop safety indices are used to describe the dependability, usefulness, and intrinsic worth of agro-based products, covering the formation, residual elements, dangers, and external distinctive variables in manufacturing, warehousing, transit, and use. We offer a wide range of agricultural and crop-related analytical methods and tools to provide a single solution to all your needs!

Following are some of the many services we offer:

General Composition

Pesticide/Herbicide Residue

Toxic and Harmful Substances

Microbiological Testing Service

Benefits of Agriculture and Crop Analytical Services

The well-being and sustainability of plants are determined by their surroundings. While soil quality is an essential consideration in this situation, it is not the only one. At QualitasGlobus, we use cutting-edge testing techniques to ascertain whether your surroundings could support or inhibit the growth of your products. For clients looking to boost their productivity, we offer agricultural laboratory tests on all aspects of farming, from seedling to harvesting.

Other benefits include